Germany National Bird

The Golden Eagle is a large eagle, one of the largest in the world, whose wingspan exceeds 2 meters and weighs 5 kg. Germany national bird is well proportioned and can be misleading as to its size, which may seem weaker than it actually is. Its silhouette remotely reminiscent of a nozzle that has long wings with 6 fingers. The wings are long and broad and the length of the tail is about the width of the wing . The dark brown plumage seems fairly uniform at a distance.

The adult is identified by the russet brown of the nape of the neck and the back of the neck, a color that was once called Golden Eagle. Furthermore, buff averages form on the wings two pale areas visible in flight and on land. The flight feathers and feathers have a clear base clearly barred and a broad dark end, which is seen well in flight. When standing, note the large size of the bird, the power of its talons and its oblique slit nostrils. The sexes differ only in size. The craze of peoples towards birds has always been noticeable and for those who like playing birds games like angry birds can also visit to play more games related to birds.

The juvenile has a darker brown plumage on which strongly contrast three characteristic white beaches, formed by the base of the feathers and feathers, which jump to the eyes. It will take many years (from 5 to 8) to acquire the livery adult and successive mounts will lighten its plumage and gradually fade the clear beaches of its wings and its tail.

The Golden Eagle can be confused with other great eagles, but especially with the Iberian and Imperial Eagles adults in their respective fields. The latter are distinguished by a slightly different silhouette, in particular a shorter and more rounded tail, and especially by the particular characteristics of the plumage (a more contrasting head with the brown-black face and the beige-cream neck, and white spots in variable numbers but very visible at the shoulders).

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