What is the difference between isotope and ion?

The material consists of “grains” called atoms. At the center of the atom are gathered particles called protons and neutrons. What differentiate them are their mass and their electrical charge: a proton is a little lighter and a positive charge, whereas a neutron is a slightly heavier and neutral charge (that is, Say it has no electrical charge!). Around this set called core, turn small elements very light and negatively charged: electrons.

What is the difference between isotope and ion

It is the number of protons which makes it possible to say whether one is dealing with hydrogen, oxygen, calcium or iron. Indeed, the number of protons determines the chemical properties of the atom. On the other hand, for a given chemical element (hydrogen for example) the number of neutrons or electrons can vary. When the number of neutrons varies, it is called an isotope; when it is the number of electrons which varies, one speaks of ion.
An example is better than a long speech! Let us take calcium. In its core, there are 20 protons, no more, no less (otherwise it would not be calcium anymore!). But there may be 20, 22, 23, 24 or 26 neutrons. These five core configurations (20 protons + 20 neutrons OR 20 protons + 22 neutrons OR etc) are five isotopes of calcium.

Around the core of calcium should gravitate 20 electrons (as much as protons) so that there is electrical neutrality? But calcium easily loses 2 electrons during chemical reactions. With 18 electrons and 20 protons, it will be said to be the positive ion of calcium. If you want to know the difference between the more various things, then keep visiting Difference betweenz.

What is the difference between attitude and aptitude?

These two concepts are often used indistinctly on many occasions, but the reality is that they are too different for you to keep making a mistake like that; nothing better than to get informed and go through the learning process once, we constantly make the mistake, so we will explain to you as a reward for always trying to improve.

Mood and ability
This is another perfect and less complicated way of understanding to say the same two words and in the same order: “Attitude and aptitude”; so, first, the attitude is the way we face everything that comes to us in life, that is, the spirit that we face a situation that makes us be positive or negative to what happens .

What is the difference between attitude and aptitude?

A person can have a great positive attitude and thanks to it see everything as an opportunity, while the opposite, having a bad attitude, can lead us to see problems even where there are none and consider that solutions are very few, even when Unlike; A perfect way to see a good and a bad attitude is when a shoemaker came to a village with his assistant and saw that no one wore shoes; The man said “no one will buy us, no one here wears shoes”, while his assistant said “on the contrary, here are more customers than anywhere, because everyone needs shoes.”

Now, fitness speaks solely and exclusively of abilities that have been previously acquired with experience and study, having aptitude means already having dexterity, whether for physical issues, as athlete’s aptitude, or for different issues, such as aptitude to play an instrument, something that is only achieved having studied before. Now that you know the difference well, have a good attitude and you will also be able to be fit in what you propose. If you want to know the difference between the various things and objects, then you need to visit DifferenceBetweenz freely.

14 Tips for Conquering your Customers

Philip Kilter says “It’s no longer enough to satisfy customers; now they have to be charmed.”

Nowadays customers are looking for more than a quality service; they want to experience memorable experiences before, during and after the purchase process.

14 Tips for Conquering your Customers

Marketing is no longer about the products and services you sell, but about the experiences and emotions you generate.

Next, we share 14 tips, published by Entrepreneur that will help you conquer your customers and make them happy with your product and your service:

  • Find out what they want: Do not assume they want something. Listen carefully.
  • Fulfill your promises: Always deliver on time and in shape.
  • Create Loyalty Programs: Reward your best customers with discounts, surprises and gifts.
  • Provides excellent customer service: Empowers your team to be courteous and problem-solving efficiently.
  • Follow up: When someone buys you, ask for your email and phone. Keep in touch.
  • Exceeds expectations: Give them more than they expect. Surprise them!
  • Speak in your language: Be clear. Do not use technical or ambiguous terms.
  • Do not let them get angry: Let them express themselves, listen to them and propose real solutions.
  • Invite them to “try”: Make them aware of your product or service. That way you will gain their trust.
  • Smile: Nothing more powerful than a sincere smile and a “good morning”.
  • Take care of your image: Make sure your offices and shops are clean and beautiful.
  • Share on social networks: Post offers, share helpful content and respond to comments.
  • Offer new things: Do not stop innovating. Give them a reason to come back to you.
  • Create unforgettable experiences: Focus on generating emotions that conquer your loyalty.

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Biography of Wu Cheng-en | a Great Chinese Writer

Descended from a family of educated small merchants, and endowed with a lively intelligence, he devoted himself to study and was impregnated with popular literature and fantastic stories. He failed in the entrance exams to the official races, and had to accept smaller positions.

He retired to the countryside and is believed to have written his famous novel The Pilgrimage to the West , inspired by the journey of the monk Hsüan Tsang (602-664) to India in search of buddha sutras and in the rich popular tradition , Theatrical and fiction). He was also a prolific poet and prose writer, but most of his work was lost.

Biography of Wu Cheng-en | a Great Chinese Writer

Written in Peking dialect, The West Pilgrimage , also translated as Journey to the West or Memoirs of a Journey to the West , is a fantastic and witty spoof of the Hsi Yü Chi by Hsüan Tsang, a Buddhist bonzo and one of the earliest writers in the language Sanskrit of the T’ang dynasty (618-907), who traveled through India seeking Buddhist texts; But very little of this historical journey has remained in the fantastic story that embraces a hundred chapters.

The first seven chapters of The Pilgrimage to the WestDescribe the disorders provoked in the world by Sun Wu-K’ung, a monkey born of a stone egg capable of appearing under seventy-two forms and endowed with singular powers. Afterwards, Hsüan Tsang is presented and described the visit of Emperor T’ai Tsung (of the T’ang dynasty) to hell, where he understands the need to spread the Buddhist religion and invites Hsüan Tsang to seek Buddhist texts in the “Hsi- T’ien “, the Western Sky.

In his journey, Hsuan Tsang takes the monastic Wu-K’ung as a disciple, and with his help he converts two other disciples, Wu Neng and Wu Chin, both sorcerers. In his company, the sage traverses by eighty-one dangers, constituted by all sorts of enchantments, and, having surpassed them, he obtains from the Buddha a great number of Buddhist texts.

The characteristic of this work lies in its extraordinary waste of fantasy; The eighty-one evidence held by Hsüan Tsang is a varied repertoire to the incredible of sorceries, transformations and struggles, whose absurdity sometimes amounts to a decorative lyricism. In this unreal world, however, there remains a certain coherence: even in the midst of the external transformations, which present us to the various characters converted as soon as tiny insects and monsters of several meters high, remains an inner personality that always Allows you to recognize them.

Considered one of the greatest Chinese classic novels, The Pilgrimage to the West Is perhaps the closest to Western taste: the group formed by Hsüan Tsang, Wu-K’ung, Wu Neng and Wu Chin can at some point remind a European reader of the famous Baldo and his cheerful companions. To learn more about the biographies of famous people, please visit Biography Desk. Biography Desk is all about the biographies of famous people in all over the entire world.

Zoho CRM

Why Every Business Can Benefit From an Online CRM System

A CRM or customer relationship management system is something that allows you to store, manage and output data about your customers, customers, potential customers and potential marketing opportunities. Basically, it allows you to create a huge database of names, numbers and addresses and then track the information and contact you have with them, which means you never miss a thing.

A CRM is perfect for any type of business. Whether it’s a small one-man band for a 30-employee company, a well-designed and managed Zoho CRM consulting Melbourne system allows your company to make use of all the data you are currently flying, reducing your reliance on spreadsheets and other databases Without connection.

Zoho CRM

There are a lot of CRM systems online that you can choose from on the Internet today, with many varying functions and pricing structures. These include:

Sales force
Ex Web
Many companies operate on a low scale in their first few days, months and years, using spreadsheets and other types of databases to store their leads and other bits of information. As the company grows and employs more people, access to these data becomes a nightmare, especially if each individual needs to update the information.

This is where an online CRM can come into play.

With most online paid CRM systems you can have multiple users, which means that the key people in your organization have access to the data they need and can update without the worry of over typing or ruining existing data. You can also plan the schedule of things for several people, which means that everyone can see where the individual is at any time of the day and also book meetings and share documents if necessary, safely.

As a supervisor, manager or business owner, using a CRM means that you can see exactly what is happening within the company. It allows you to view the information contacts, leads, employees and potential customers and gathers everything under one roof. Most of the best CRM systems let you see the most important data as soon as you log in, which means you get instant access to the key information you need on one screen.

Using a CRM can bring much more efficiency to your business. No more swapping of spreadsheets or corrupt databases, it’s all safe and secure online, backed up and accessible from anywhere. Increasing efficiency means greater productivity, success and sales, so a CRM can really work for any business, but you have to put the initial time and effort.

Airport Transfers

What should you look for in a driver you want to rent for your business

Hire a driver is very important for a company that leases cars and chauffeur services. And owning such a company can be a headache for you if you can not find a suitable driver. There are certain things to consider before renting a driver for your Airport Transfers Melbourne.
Look skills
The duty of a driver is to be able to drive a car properly and proficiently. So of course, the driver must have a valid license talking about his clean sheet with proper driving skills as wedding cars are really expensive to drive York and classic to handle. On top of that, the value of life is even more expensive to be played with.
Request Comments
By hiring a driver, do not think twice to seek feedback from their former customers. It must be written in writing to be more sure of your abilities. On top of that, you must be able to do some controls on the phone just to make sure that the paper works are authentic enough to trust.

Airport Transfers
Try the attitude
Test drive attitude is a must for you as business owner limo rental in York. As you claim to be a luxury car and driver service, you can not just sell to a leading medium instead of a driver. A driver must have good attitude friendly service and a well-groomed personality. It’s something that can not be taught unless you have it in itself. Try the attitude of his or her doing some trick questions, or some simulated situations, but make sure not to forget that limit there. Remember, there is a very thin and easy cross-compliance between simulated test and mockery that should not be crossed as an ideal employer.

Chukar Partridge Bird

Chukar Partridge

Chard partridge ( Alectoris chukar ). Partridge of medium size. Males (510-800g) are slightly larger than females (450-680g) in length and mass.

Native to southern Eurasia , it is pale gray in color, with striking white and black bands at the sides, white throat edged in black, and beak and bright red feet. These two species, the partridge partridge and the chukar partridge, have been introduced successfully in North America. chukar partridge is the national bird of Pakistan.

The plumage pattern is similar for both sexes and distinctive among game birds of North America. A dark black line across the forehead, eyes, and swallows the neck contrasts the white throat, gray head and chest. The flanks are prominently black barred and the white-chestnut and outer tail feathers are chestnuts.

The bill, the margins of eyelids, the feet and the feet are pink of the corral to deep red or crimson. Both sexes may have a small tarsal stimulus, but this is generally characteristic of males. In juveniles it is smaller and is mottled brown and gray, with only slight brown barring on flanks. In their native habitat, color can vary geographically; Birds in more arid areas tend to be grayer and paler. If you want to know about different birds visit http://www.nationalpedia.com/chukar-partridge-national-bird-of-pakistan/

Food and Behavior
It feeds on soil, mainly bulbs, seeds, and grass leaves, complementing its diet with small invertebrates . Usually monogamous, but there have been cases of bigamy in the United States. The juveniles remain with their parents until the beginning of the next nesting season. In the autumn they form flocks of 5 to 40 individuals. It is in a very arid environment. However, you need to drink water. In California , 52-km movements have been documented in two years.

In a day they can move from 3 to 5 km in search of water. They sleep on the floor forming a ring with their heads out. They nest on the ground in a depression between rocks or scrub. The setting typically is 6 to 20 eggs, depending on the humidity of the site (larger places where there is greater precipitation). The eggs are yellowish white with brown spots (43 mm in length). Only the female incubates. The incubation lasts 22 to 24 days. Chickens are cared for by the female and have the ability to fly between 7 and 10 days of age. The season of mating is in the spring and sometimes also the summer.

As native species: Deserts, overgrazed forests, scrubland, Juniperus forests.
As exotic species: Rocky desert.
This species acts as a seed disperser and could affect the dynamics of the plant community. It competes for food with other granivorous birds and is a source of food for both birds and predatory mammals. Probable transmitter of diseases to other birds.

home inspection.jpg

Home Inspection Service And Its Advantages

House inspection

People ask why it is important to have a HOME INSPECTION. They ask for the importance of having an inspection of the house and when they comply with the home or property. The ugly truth of this is that the appearance can be misleading. They would have bought the house or property before people understood the true condition of the house. At the intersection, it is absolutely impossible for a person to regain his stride. To avoid situations like this, it is highly recommended to hire a home service help desk to inspect your home or property before deciding whether to buy or sell a home or property.

The reasons you should get HOME INSPECTION are:

Security: Vulnerabilities that improper handling, mold, etc. Should be considered since they constitute a danger to your family. The lives of the residents of a home are at risk of dangerous or dangerous things at home. Therefore home section inspect the home and find out things that could pose a threat to the lives of the inhabitants of the house. Having learned these things, they would make recommendations to get them resolved. This is a situation where customers are still willing to buy a home as well.

Protection: Due to the fact that most houses are now very complex and technical components and systems, it is advisable to check the home for its protection. The local service inspection would carry out household testing and have verified it correctly. Do you know about Wind mitigation Tampa

Savings: One of the major advantages of hiring interior design staff is that they help you discover mistakes and other things that need to be repaired before buying a home. After discovering defective areas, they provide recommendations on how to fix them. This helps because it would help save costs to solve the wrong problems later. It is possible that these errors cannot be detected until later, they are very poor and it takes a lot of money to repair or fix them. Having a HOME INSPECTION in a home will therefore help to discover these fake problems quickly and thus save costs for customers

The decorating staff are highly skilled and talented in the arts to inspect the house. They are highly qualified because they have a lot of experience of having worked with a number of clients around the world.  Home inspection service really is especially needed for people who want to buy a house. Appearances can be very vigilant and they can become a victim of this. But with Home inspection service men things go and defective areas that are not visible to the customer to leave. Moreover, these home inspection professionals make recommendations on their findings. It is a wise decision to have home inspection professionals inspect a house or property before buying it


The decorating staff is all over the world. Just call for help to inspect a private home. It is a certainty that I do not regret having to hire home inspection professionals. If you want more information visit http://radiantinspect.com/

boxing gloves

Boxing gloves – overview

Most believe that gloves are used to mitigate the impact and protect a person or woman to have an effect, but are very much there to protect their hands. Gloves are also made of different materials, so it’s important to know about the weather in your city. Boxing offers mainly in the range of materials. As you can see, there are a number of different types of boxing gloves and they all have their own special goals. There are two main types of boxing gloves on the market. On the contrary when buying boxing gloves aside, you should carefully consider the size of the gloves to put the hands of fate.

You can also consider whether there are gloves you are buying some exciting material on them. Latex gloves are used to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of blood. Finally, although they have separate compartments for each finger, giving only a small isolation compared to mittens. For the most part, high-quality gloves are prickigare, but they are actually worth it. These gloves protect your wrist and opponent. Winter gloves come in different styles and designs. if you want to boxing gloves check https://www.roomaif-shop.de/boxen/boxhandschuhe

Gloves can serve several different purposes, and so you should choose what is the reason to buy gloves in the first turn. These types of gloves can provide additional bond strength in several ways. Before buying, it should be noted that gloves are safe to extend for a certain period of use. For example, leather gloves are best suited for training specialists. For professional boxing this is the best option, since it can be a long time. Leather gloves are offered in a wide range of kulaks.

1, so you can buy a pair of heat. In short, you can get a pair cheap, but more affordable, usually show signs of wear and tear faster than top brands. So below the factors that should be considered before buying a good pair of boxing gloves.

What told you about boxing is completely wrong … And here

The best exercises usually do not require expensive equipment or exceptional convenience and fun to do it all the time. Dot. If you are serious about training, choose a pair of training gloves that can be unlocked. It was shown that this type of training has direct application in combat situations. On the contrary, this type of exercise does not help to train other sports, like, for example, to shoot or throw accurately.

Advantages of boxing gloves

These days it is recommended to purchase a collection that has belts. As heavy bags help to send the bag to create techniques and styles with agility and drilling time. Heavy bags can be difficult to install. Putting dusty is an important task if you prefer to start seeing some amazing results. You certainly cannot, if you get a bag of cheap boxing. All you need is a good punching bag. Make your muscles work and buy a large punching bag.

The fact that everyone loves boxing and why

Melee fighters are very close. The battle took place on October 24, 1979, he was held on March 24, 1975. This is likely to be an exciting fight. Nevertheless, this will be a completely different way compared to the struggle for six decades.

Depositors of banks insists that boxing is not. This is a great form of exercise that you can build strength, endurance and speed. There are no two fights just because it is an interesting sport that makes a person physically and mentally. This is one of the most popular ways to practice today. This is one of the most effective ways to educate, communicate, and improve and maintain your health

Well-being ways. Therefore, when it comes to boxing, do not forget to put security, as this is the biggest problem with boxing.

The terrible secret of boxing gloves

Such a sports organism is a mixture of man and computer. Since this sport can be very risky, you have to take every precaution, you can protect yourself. This sport requires specific elements of high quality protection, in addition to the general body of training.

Boxer manufacturers offer a wide range of products. Teams finding high-quality books are not a problem for many online stores and stores that are available on the Internet. The most important tool is gloves. Use tools appropriate savings. Always make sure that you use the proper equipment at physical exertion. To do this, you need to take the right boxing team. you want more information then visit https://www.roomaif-shop.de/

unblocked mario kart

Super Mario Game – The Classics

Several years he was a fictional character who runs Mario was born in Japan. First, he started as a character in a game, but this game has become so popular that everyone knew who he was. Today, fans will always find all talks about Mario and Super Mario games. He soon came to Mario, we began to see her everywhere planted. We would like to see product promotions in advertisements, paper and even paper bags. For some of us, Unblocked Mario Kart was in our dreams when we sleep at night. What makes this game so popular and why all he wants a piece of Mario? That’s the fact that we all want to save the princess in pink?

Unblocked Mario Kart:

Super Mario is definitely a classic game that has been manufactured by the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario is an Italian plumber, but we cannot reveal his brother Luigi! In most games, players will complete all levels to get to another. In one of the games, the main goal is to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Bowser is the rule of Koop as. This game can also be played by two players.

There were forty million copies of the game and can be regarded as one of the most successful games in history. He also survived the crash of the game in the 1980s thanks to the success that Super Mario Brother Mario is known to be the biggest Nintendo mascot.

Super Mario can go through the hidden passages that can be found at certain stages. Generally, these passages are in the air and can be unlocked with the key. There are some things you need a wheel Yoshi to get there.

When playing Super Mario, you cannot forget the always wanted Yoshi! Yes, we are talking about green dinosaur (or whatever) you can roll. You know this little guy who likes to keep his long tongue and eat the little thieves and coins. Speaking Coins – When you collect one hundred coins, a life is gained more to collect the coins assigned.

By collecting certain fungi, their character will be higher. Super Mario, when big, that character can take two hits before losing his life. There are other updates available when playing the ladder. Each world has its own sub-level. Arriving at the last world in the last level, you will catch the last boss and will to victory.

In addition to the first Super Mario game, you can find other games based on the Super Mario character. You bet a table like Mario Party 1-8 and can play a game where you can roll through a track called Mario Kart. You cannot deny that although not so expensive, this game is sitting there with Final Fantasy. Whichever way you take, you have to give a 10/10 Super Mario to be big and personally, we want Yoshi and all your friends a 10/10 to be so cute.

Play more Fun Games at  addicting games.