14 Tips for Conquering your Customers

Philip Kilter says “It’s no longer enough to satisfy customers; now they have to be charmed.”

Nowadays customers are looking for more than a quality service; they want to experience memorable experiences before, during and after the purchase process.

14 Tips for Conquering your Customers

Marketing is no longer about the products and services you sell, but about the experiences and emotions you generate.

Next, we share 14 tips, published by Entrepreneur that will help you conquer your customers and make them happy with your product and your service:

  • Find out what they want: Do not assume they want something. Listen carefully.
  • Fulfill your promises: Always deliver on time and in shape.
  • Create Loyalty Programs: Reward your best customers with discounts, surprises and gifts.
  • Provides excellent customer service: Empowers your team to be courteous and problem-solving efficiently.
  • Follow up: When someone buys you, ask for your email and phone. Keep in touch.
  • Exceeds expectations: Give them more than they expect. Surprise them!
  • Speak in your language: Be clear. Do not use technical or ambiguous terms.
  • Do not let them get angry: Let them express themselves, listen to them and propose real solutions.
  • Invite them to “try”: Make them aware of your product or service. That way you will gain their trust.
  • Smile: Nothing more powerful than a sincere smile and a “good morning”.
  • Take care of your image: Make sure your offices and shops are clean and beautiful.
  • Share on social networks: Post offers, share helpful content and respond to comments.
  • Offer new things: Do not stop innovating. Give them a reason to come back to you.
  • Create unforgettable experiences: Focus on generating emotions that conquer your loyalty.

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