Biography of Henry Haversham Godwin-Austen | British explorer and surveyor

A lot of people want to know the biography of famous people, who have put a mark in history and Austen is also one of them. Son of a well-known English geologist, Robert Alfred Cloyne Godwin-Austen, received a military education in the also well-known Royal Military School of Sandhurst. Finished his military studies was destined to an Indian regiment in 1852. It was in India where it realized the greater part of its work like explorer and topĆ³grafo.

Biography of Henry Haversham Godwin-Austen

In 1856 he was appointed Assistant Surveyor of the Great Trigonometric Inspection of India. His first task was to assist in the topographical survey of the Kashmir region. Subsequently, in 1860, his provisional post was revoked and he was assigned to a permanent post in the aforementioned Grand Inspection. Soon after, in 1861, the mission of exploring and mapping the mountains and glaciers that make up the Sierra de Jarajoram began. In developing this mission, he discovered a system of glaciers that proved to be the largest existing outside the Polar Regions.

Another considerable aspect in the development of its topographic work, although more related to mountaineering, was the considerable ascents that had to realize, exceptional situation if it is considered that the equipment to ascend and to be able to work at high altitudes did not exist nor even in phase developmental.

The maps he developed in his topographical surveys, as well as his geological reports, proved to be of great later use to other explorers and adventurers. Mount K2, the highest mountain in the world and second highest in the world, is sometimes called, in an informal way, the name of Godwin-Austen, which officially receives the glacier in its base.